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Let us take the leg work out of employee recruitment

An experienced, highly motivated employee makes all the difference when it comes to how your business excels. eSwatini Jobs wants to make sure Employers have access to all the tools they need to attract the perfect candidate for the job.

Find the right fit for your company

Finding qualified employees should be easy and efficient. eSwatini Jobs wants to put you in contact with the most qualified professionals for your positions by connecting Job Seekers and Employees in a range of different ways that allow you to both get a better understanding of one another. We have a selection of different tools available to Employers that will get you noticed by the right candidates.

What impression do you want to make?

Create a Corporate Profile to give Job Seekers a better idea of who you are as a company, what your ethos is, who works for you and where you started. Share your website and social media links to allow Job Seekers a closer look at how you operate before they apply for a job.

Tell people exactly what you are looking for. . .

We have created a comprehensive template for you to put together your job listings with important information including job details, educational qualifications, responsibilities, benefits and more. Each job listing you post will automatically contain information and links to your corporate profile so it would benefit your company to fill out a corporate profile before posting job listings. We will also automatically email your listing to any Job Seekers who have enabled notifications about jobs in your category.

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Create a clear picture

Giving a Job Seeker the bigger picture on what role they are going to be filling will shorten the gap in filling the role you are searching for. Fill out the job listing in as much detail as possible to create a vision of what kind of job you have on offer and give Job Seekers a realistic insight into the role you want them to fill.

Don't wait for that perfect candidate to come to you

Employers have access to an entire candidate database where they can look through the online resumes of 100's of qualified professionals. You can search based on what job category they work in or view the most recent Job Seekers that have joined our site. If you find someone you would love to apply for a job, all you have to do is invite them to apply through our quick and simple job invitation form. The right candidate might be just waiting to be discovered.

Find a serious candidate

Our Job Seekers have a candidate ranking system available to them that allows them to boost their profile by filling out a comprehensive candidate questionnaire designed to establish just how qualified they are for their position. This is at an additional expense to the Job Seeker so that you can rest assured that only serious candidates will be ranked and show up before any other candidate.

 Don't miss an opportunity to find a great employee

We send out email notifications as soon as a candidate has applied for a job listing, ensuring that you never miss an application and see your perfect match end up working for the competition. View applicants on each individual job you post using our easy to navigate Employer Dashboard.

Reach candidates across all platforms

Our website is optimised to be used across all browsers and devices, desktop, tablet and mobile, which gives you increased visibility amongst Job Seekers who may have access to only one or the other device and let candidates find you on the move.

Pay for our services as and when you need them

Employee recruitment isn't always consistent, and for smaller companies hiring needs will always change. This is why we offer three different plans all on a month to month basis, this gives you the flexibility to pay for your subscription as and when you need it, and you can contact us to cancel your plan at any time.

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