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When I post a job listing how can I view it?

You job listing will be posted to our main Jobs board on the Job Seekers pages, you can also view all your job listings on your Employers dashboard.

How do I view my listing on my dashboard?

Under the heading upload job listings you will see a button that says view job listings. This will open up a panel containing all of your job listings, a link to each post and a link to a page where you can update that listing at any time.

How do I update my job listing?

Once you click the update listing button you will be taken to a page that looks exactly like the post job listing page, with the exception that all the information is already filled out. Change any information you need to change and save using the update job listing button.

How many people can apply to my listing?

We may have different facilities available for our different Employers plans, but all our plans have one thing in common... All our Employers plans allow unlimited job applications, so that you never have to worry about missing out on your perfect candidate.

How soon will my job start receiving applications?

Your listing is live as soon as you upload it which means that Job Seekers will be able to view and apply as soon as you upload it.

How long will it take to fill out the job listing?

If you have all the relevant information pertaining to your job listing available, then it shouldn't take more than a few minutes to fill out our comprehensive job listing form.

How will I know when someone has applied for my job?

When a Job Seeker applies for a job both you and they will receive an email letting both of you know the application has gone through. From there you will be taken via the email to your Employers Dashboard where you can go to View Job Listings > View Applicants and see all the details from your potential employee.

Do I have to subscribe for a whole year to use your service?

No we operate on a month to month basis, providing that you sign up for at least two months initially and you are free to contact us on info@eswatini-jobs.com to cancel your plan at any time.

My questions weren't all answered here, who else can I contact?

You can contact us on info@eswatini-jobs.com for any and all queries relating to your account or start a live chat using the bot on our website.

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