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How do I create an Online Resume?

When you first create an account you will go to the Job Seeker dashboard. In order to upload an online resume you will need to create a profile and verify your account. After you have done this you can go back to the Job Seeker Dashboard and click the Upload Online Resume button. We have set out a form with prompts that will make uploading your online resume quick and easy, as well as give you the ability to show your personality and showcase your talents.

How do I create a Job Seekers Account?

In order to create a Job Seekers account click the "Sign Up" button in the top right-hand corner of the website. Ensure that the Sign Up form says "Job Seeker Sign Up" to create a profile for the correct division of our website. If it says "Employers Sign Up" you can go to the bottom of the tab to switch to the Job Seekers Sign Up tab. Input your email address and choose a password, then click the "Not a Robot" box to verify your account creation. After signing up the message on the signup will change and tell you that you are logged in, as well as giving you options to either Log Out or go to your Job Seeker Dashboard where you will be able to create a profile, verify your account and start looking for jobs.

What is a profile card?

The profile card sits at the top of your members area and creates a space for you to add your personality to your members pages. To add your profile picture, cover photo or change the display name, click the "Edit Profile" button in the corner. A few options will pop up for you to change the cover photo by clicking the camera icon in the top left corner, your profile picture by clicking the camera icon in the circle or your name by clicking the underlined text. These details will be used if you comment on a blog post as well as showing up in your dashboard.

What is the Notifications page for?

Here we allow you to choose all the categories of jobs that your are interested in, and when a job in that category is listed by an Employer, you will recieve an email alerting you so that you can view the job and see if you would like to apply. You can activate the categories you want simply by clicking on the slider button next to the category of your choice.


Which Plan should I choose?

You are required to choose a plan in order to access the features of the Job Seeker account. You have the choice of our free Job Seekers plan or our Job Seeker Plus plan which will give you access to our Candidate Ranking system (which is currently under development). Click the "Check Plans" button and select a plan. You may upgrade your plan at any time so while we are creating more great features for you to use, you can choose the "Free Plan" and we will notify all our users when the Candidate Ranking system is ready to use.

I chose the Free Job Seeker Plan, why did it thank me for my payment?

Not to worry it is simply confirming the selection of the plan, you will not pay anything for the free Job Seeker plan at any time. Click the "Open Page" button to continue to the Job Seeker Dashboard.


How do I create a Profile?

When you arrive for the first time on your Job Seeker Dashboard, you will see a message asking you to go to your profile and verify your email address. Click the "Profile" button, it will take you to your profile page. As a first time user your won't see any profile details on your profile page, instead you will see a message asking you to create your profile. Click the "Create Profile" button. You will see some blank fields available for you to fill in. Please fill in all the blank fields and then select "Create Profile". Your email address was added to your profile when you created you account. You will not be able to change your email address. To change your email address you will need to create a new account with that address.

Why must I verify my account a second time?

For security reasons, and to ensure that the user intended to create an account, we ask all users to not only verify their email address but their profile as well. Once you have created a profile you will be taken back to your Profile page. You will see a notice giving you the verification status of your account and asking you to verify it. Click the verify button, it will take you to the verification page. Check your email for a new message from eSwatini Jobs with a four digit verification code. Insert the code into the verification box and click "Verify". After you have verified your account you will recieve a Helpdesk Code that you can use in the chat in order for us to assist you in your queries.

What is a Help Desk Code?

Your Help Desk Code is assigned to you when you verify your account. It is a randomly generated code attached to your profile only, it is entirely unique to your account. Should you need assistance from us at any time, or if you need to pay us manually, you will provide your Help Desk Code in order for us to access your account and assist you with any and all issues you may be having.

Download a copy of our Job Seekers account setup instructions

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