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Create an online presence

It's not enough to just post a job listing, potential employees need to know who they will be working for. Letting people see your values and vision is an important part of finding an employee who wants to join your company for the long haul because they are passionate about the same things you are.

Tell your story

Sometimes it's hard to talk about your own business in a way that other people will understand it. At eSwatini Jobs we understand this and have created a corporate profile template that lets you include all the important details that will let you stand out above other employers.


It's about connection

You can reach more candidates by adding a sense of human connection to your profile, which is why we allow Employers to include information about some of your most dedicated, important employees in your corporate profile to show people who works for your company and let view the human element of your business.

Good impressions are important

In both your job listings and Corporate Profile a candidate will judge on what they see as to whether they want to work for your company. Use our templates to the fullest of their potential to create the best first impression that will lead to Job Seekers choosing your company over any other.


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