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Our mission is to put the power of employment in your hands. We want to not only allow you to not only apply for the jobs that they want in a quick and easily accessible manner, but also want to give you the opportunity to showcase your skills, and show your  profile to Employers who are looking for someone with your exact skills and experience.


This will allow prospective Employers to invite you to apply for the jobs they post, as and when they are posted.  It shouldn't be hard to find a good job, and eSwatini Jobs wants to make it even easier by allowing you to actively and passively look for your perfect fit by creating an online resume that really encompasses who you are as an employee.

We provide opportunities for a range of different employment terms

  • Permanent

  • Fixed-Term

  • Part-Time

  • Temporary

  • Freelance

Upload an Online Resume and put your best foot forward with prospective employers

In order to submit your online resume you will need to sign up for an account and apply for our Job Seekers Plan. From there you can create a detailed  resume with a personalized URL that you can share with prospective employers, update your membership profile and apply to jobs online.

Sign Up now and start using our powerful Job Seekers platform today

Need Help? Read our Job Seekers FAQ's here...

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