Lomati Mine invest in Hhelehhele Community
By Maqawe Nxumalo
Date: 6 - May - 2019

As part of its Corporate Social Investment, Lomati Mine has established relations with two of the schools situated closest to its site, whereby the parties agreed to explore ways of cooperating for the betterment of the community. These schools are Lufafa Primary School and Sobokazana High School.

Last week the Mine Manager, Vas Vanek, met with the head teachers of the two schools to express the mine’s interest in the lives and futures of the children of Hhelehhele. Vanek expressed Lomati Mine’s concern about children who are sometimes seen roaming the streets during school hours who, upon enquiry, informed him that they could not go to school because their national identity documents were not in order.


He informed the head teachers that Lomati Mine was ready to immediately start helping those children get the proper documents. Clifford Shongwe, the head teacher of Sobokazana High School, informed Vanek that they were in the process of building three classrooms and was in the

queue for government equipment to clear the area where the classrooms would be built. Vanek immediately offered and sent plant machinery, an excavator and a front end loader, to do this work. The machinery worked at the school for four days, and also repaired the road leading into the school. To celebrate this relationship of cooperation, Lomati Mine delivered 500 meals for all the pupils at both schools.


"As Lomati Mine we truly believe that the future of all the children in this community is invariably intertwined with our; as they are not only the future of the community but they are the future of the mine itself. We are going to be here for the next half century and most of these children will hopefully grow up to study mining and related industries so they can come back and take this project forward. We are hoping that as the company grows we can do more for this, our community”.

Chief Nsukumbili Gama
Sustainable Development, Social and Community Affairs

“We don’t have the words to adequately thank Lomati Mine for considering us in its decision to reach out and interact with the community. Their assistance couldn’t have come at a better time because on the very day we mentioned our needs to them, they sent their machinery to immediately start working on the classrooms project. The lunch for the children was a bonus and it served to motivate them”.

Clifford Shongwe
Head Teacher
Sobokazana High School

“On behalf of the community, we note and appreciate what Lomati Mine is doing as it gives back to the community. These are good initiatives which are showing the mine’s commitment to the people of the area. We would, therefore, like to urge our people to continue embracing the mine and cooperating with it as it continues to grow for its success is our success as a community”.

Sifiso Sompisi Magagula
Member of Parliament 

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