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What is online recruitment?

Online recruitment is a way of finding employment using the internet. There are many ways to find employment online, one of the best ways, however, is through an official Jobs Board.

Why is it a good idea to use an official jobs board website?

When you use a website like eSwatini Jobs, potential employers are required to pay a monthly subscription fee to use our services. This means that employers are from companies with verified accounts, and are willing to pay to gain access to high-quality candidates for their job listings. It also means that their job listings will be legitimate too.

When using free advertising platforms there is no way to verify who the owner of the job listing is, if the position is real, if it is just a scam, or if you are going to receive compensation for the work you do. Often people use free advertising platforms to scam unknowing job seekers into doing work for free in the hopes of gaining permanent employment or paying fees upfront to get a job that doesn't exist, then disappearing with their money.

It is safer and easier to use a jobs board, and it also means you can look for jobs without having to spend time researching the company as well. Each company can post a corporate profile with links and information about their business and how they operate on our website, allowing you to get to know who you could potentially be working for.

How do you stand out online?

With so many people online, how do you stand out and make an impression on prospective employers? eSwatini Jobs gives you the ability to put your best foot forward for free. All you have to do is create an account and fill out your online resume.

Any employer will be able to search through the candidates to find the right person for their position, and if your resume is picked they will invite you directly to apply for their job listings. The best way to stand out is to make sure that you complete your online resume to the best of your abilities.

How do you complete your resume?

eSwatini Jobs has created a template of all the information you should give to a prospective employer including space to add up to four certificates, and four images of projects that you have completed that pertain to your career, a profile photo to put a face to your name, and a cover photo to show the employer some of your professional personality.

Every piece of information you add to your resume is more likely to make you stand out from the crowd, put some time and effort into making a resume that tells the employers who you are.

How will you know if they pick you?

If an employer has a job they think you would be perfect for, they will click the "Invite" button on your resume. You will receive an invitation on your Job Seeker Dashboard under the invitations page, as well as an email notification. From there you can follow the link in the invitation to apply for the job and wait for their recruitment department to organize an interview.

Applying for jobs

You don't have to wait for an employer to contact you before you apply for a job. On every job listing, you will be able to submit an application form. Here you can also choose to upload a cover letter directly motivating as to why you would be the best fit for their specific job, and if you prefer your resume you can upload a PDF of that too. Otherwise share a link to the online resume you have created on our site.

Why create an online resume if you can just upload your CV?

The great thing about your online resume is that once it's done, it will be saved in our servers permanently unless you decide to close your account. This means that you can also send the link to other jobs that you apply for that are not with Employers who have accounts on our site.

This means you have a fast and efficient way of sharing your resume with anyone simply by sharing a single link, and also means you don't have to waste data uploading a PDF to send the file online.

Our online resume also allows you to showcase your experience, skills, and capabilities in a way that you might not be able to in a normal CV if you aren't experienced in using programs like Word or design software.

The Job Seeker Plus option

We added the Job Seeker Plus account to give people a competitive edge when applying for jobs. Our HR department has put together a comprehensive questionnaire that allows us to assign a ranking to each person that fills it out based on their answers.

This will show up as a star rating system on your profile only if you have a paid-for account and have filled in the questionnaire. It isn't necessary to purchase a paid account to apply for jobs on our site but it does give you a boost when it comes to how you appear to prospective employers.

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